Maintenance & Repairs Of Concrete Tile Roofs

Manufactured from fibre-reinforced cement products, concrete tiles are becoming ever more popular as their quality improves. Often covered in plastics, enamels or recycled products in order to improve their finish and overall aesthetic, concrete roofing is very durable, with a considerable lifespan and low maintenance requirements.

Inherently resistant to rot and insects, concrete provides excellent fire protection and will ensure a safe and secure property for years to come. Used in place of clay tiles, concrete roof tiling can mimic the look, whilst overcoming the structural problems of the weight of the clay.

With a huge range of available designs, Ashton Roofing can offer a whole host of roofing systems to suit your needs.

Maintenance of Concrete Roofing

Unless properly sealed, concrete tiled roofs are often subject to water leakage which can eventually cause rot in the roof. They are also prone to the unsightly propagation of algae and moss, which, whilst not immediately damaging to the integrity of the structure, can cause problems if left unattended, and will need to be power washed from the surface from time to time.

Though extremely strong and durable, especially when reinforced, concrete tiles can suffer from the same issues of nail sickness and unforeseen damage that can cause the roof to become unstable and potentially dangerous. Ashton Roofing & Maintenance provide 7 day a week reactive maintenance services in these cases, able to fix the problem within 24 hours.


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