Lead Roof Repairs

One of the oldest and most durable materials used in roofing, lead sheet has been documented to last over 200 years, but has fallen out of favour in recent times due to the complexity of its employment. Requiring specialist knowledge to repair and maintain, Ashton Roofing has experts on our team who are extremely well versed in dealing with lead roofs.

Lead Roof Repairs & Renewals

Although it’s one of the strongest materials used in the roofing industry, lead can encounter fatigue cracks over the course of time due to expansion and contraction as a result of heating and cooling the metal. These will require the welding of a small patch of lead over the affected area, which must be carried out by a trained expert. Broken roll ends will generally need to be entirely replaced by prefabricated fittings, which will need to be welded into place.

Our specialists provide repairs for:

  • flashings
  • flat roofs
  • gutters
  • dormers
  • bay roofs
  • & more

In cases where the property is in a conservation area we would suggest a complete overhaul of the roof in order to maintain the building’s aesthetic. This can be conducted with reclaimed metal, reducing your carbon footprint whilst at the same time giving you a roof that will age better than any synthetic substitutes.

Our Guarantee

We offer friendly, pressure free advice and only use the best materials to guarantee a long lasting, and good looking finish.


  • Kier
  • The Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme
  • Confederation of Roofing Contractors

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