Hard Metal Roofing

Offering aesthetically pleasing features while providing a strong and durable roofline, our hard metal roofs are ideal for both commercial and domestic properties and all new build projects.

Fitted by our highly trained hard metal roofing specialists, Ashton Roofing can cover a variety of buildings and varying architectural designs, providing long lasting solutions. Hard metals roofs do not suffer from the same issues as their tiled equivalents, which can be prone to issues of nail sickness or loose tiles, and as such come at a slight premium. Resistant to fire, mildew, rot and insect infestation they provide a safe, secure and stylish solution for years to come.

Although greater conduits for heat loss, our stringent utilisation of dead air space between the metal and the roof deck means that we can provide an increased energy efficiency, especially when employed in conjunction with more advanced insulation methods.

Copper Roofing

A unique and interesting look that boasts far more than simply aesthetics.

Coming with a ten year guarantee, our copper roofing is incredibly cost effective when you consider the phenomenal security it offers your property. Completely waterproof and highly durable, it perfectly suits a variety of different buildings from schools and churches to private residential homes.

Zinc Roofing

Corrosion resistant and versatile.

One of the more popular materials in the modern roofing industry, zinc is a beautiful metal that can offer a truly unique look to a property. Ever in favour with architects, zinc’s clean lines and coveted finish can flex seamlessly around any any surface, performing perfectly at pitches between 5° and 90°. Secure and with an extremely long lifespan, speak to one of our specialists about how zinc can improve your property today!


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