Industrial Skylight & Roof Ventilation Installation & Repair

As industrial skylight contractors, we offer a full service: from initial consultation to installation and maintenance. An ideal solution to the modern workplace’s excessive power consumption, industrial skylights can introduce a great deal of natural light to work spaces, dramatically decreasing the costs of lighting.

Whether required to increase ventilation, as an aesthetic choice, or to introduce natural light, there are a vast array of rooflights both large and small that can compliment any complex.

Largescale Industrial Rooflights

In industrial buildings where light is extremely key, we can install large scale rooflights running the length of the building. Dramatically increasing the light quality of the property, you will be surprised by the difference that will be made, even with England’s grey skies.


Providing ease of access to roof decks, hatchways are a simple and straightforward way of providing access to the roof.

Ventilation Hatches

Especially important in industrial complexes, ventilation hatches will provide a degree of natural light whilst also increasing important air flow throughout the building.

We understand that it’s not always practical to install rooflights in industrial buildings due to the height of the ceilings, but we also offer remote controlled solutions equipped with blinds and opening mechanisms that will ensure ease of use. Able to be installed within any roofing material, from hard metals to slates and tiles, our highly skilled staff are adept at introducing these products to any design.

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