Aluminium Cladding For Commercial Properties

Ideal for properties with a contemporary design, aluminium cladding (ACM) also offers incredible weather resistance, introducing a control element to industrial buildings and thereby preventing water infiltration. An extremely affordable option, aluminium cladding is an excellent choice for large scale commercial projects.

About Aluminium Cladding

Constructed by two faces of aluminium which are bonded to a core of neoprene, ACM is highly resistant to changes in temperature and offers astounding chemical stability. Lightweight and durable, aluminium cladding is highly malleable and easy to work with, making it an excellent choice for industrial or commercial buildings with abnormal facades.

The Advantages of Aluminium Cladding

In industrial complexes or commercial properties, the need for longevity and reliability is extremely high. What aluminium cladding offers is complete resistance to insects and rot. Allowing for ventilation, leaks and damp will not be a concern and with the inclusion of insulation, ACM can offer phenomenal energy efficiency. Able to be integrated within pre-existing stone, cement or timber constructs, the possibilities are numerous and advantages manifold.

Cheaper than other hard metal roofing, aluminium cladding offers an array of benefits whilst also offering the added bonus of coming in a range of designs and colours, tailored to suit your style.

Our Guarantee

Our aluminum cladding installation comes with a 10 year guarantee, ensuring that you will not have to face unexpected maintenance costs.
So speak to us today about how our aluminum cladding can work for you!



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